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It's All About Understanding

Hey there! Welcome to Pack Mates.

Founded by Chris de Aboitiz, a visionary in canine communication and behaviour, Pack Mates isn't just about training dogs but about educating people to 'speak dog.'

The Heart of Pack Mates

From a young age, Chris has been deeply connected with dogs, forming strong bonds that shaped his understanding of canine behavior and communication. His journey began in Sydney, Australia, but his life's adventure took him across the globe, from the shores of Hawaii to the vibrant landscapes of Argentina, each step deepening his connection with the canine world.

A former Noosa waterman turned "dog whisperer," Chris has combined his passion for surfing, his entrepreneurial spirit, and his intuitive understanding of dogs to create a unique approach to dog training. Pack Mates was born from this unique blend of experiences, offering a revolutionary perspective on building harmonious relationships between humans and dogs.

*Image by: Pete-Aitchison

Our Philosophy – Beyond Training to Understanding

At Pack Mates, we believe in teaching you to understand your dog, not just train them.


Our approach focuses on intuitive dog training, where you learn to interpret and respond to your dog's behavior in a way that fosters trust and respect.


We guide you through understanding canine body language, using timed corrections and rewards to develop a socially well-balanced and confident dog – and more importantly, to establish your role as a calm, assertive leader.

Our Home – The Summit 1770

Our training programs and workshops take place at The Summit 1770, a modern, dog-friendly eco-accommodation park owned and operated by Chris.

Here, amidst the stunning natural beauty of Agnes Water, Queensland, we offer a peaceful and immersive environment for our educational workshops, promoting a deep bond between you and your dog.

The Summit 1770,
2471 Round Hill Road, 

Agnes Water QLD 4677

Join Our Pack

Whether you're struggling to understand your dog's behaviour, seeking a deeper connection, or simply curious about our intuitive approach, Pack Mates is here to help. Chris and the team are dedicated to sharing their knowledge and experience to improve the lives of dogs and their owners alike.

We invite you to explore our world, understand your dog, and discover the joy of true communication. Welcome to Pack Mates, where every dog has a story, and every owner holds the key to unlocking it.

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