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learn to speak dog

Intuitive Dog Training with Chris de Aboitiz

If you're seeking not just to train but to understand and connect with your dog on a deeper level, you're in the right place.

Hey, I'm Chris de Aboitiz, will teach you how to speak dog.

You're struggling with your dog, right? Confused, frustrated, feeling like you're at a dead end?

I’ve been there. But guess what? There's a better way, and I've cracked it. This isn’t your typical training; it's about speaking their language. It’s about change, understanding, and respect – both ways.

How Does Chris do it?

Drawing from a lifetime of experience and experimentation, Chris de Aboitiz has distilled the essence of intuitive dog training into an approachable method.

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Understand Your Dog

Learn the signals you've been missing.

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Communicate Effectively

 Speak a language your dog understands.

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Communicate Effectively

Establish a partnership based on trust


EVERYONE is welcome to come along for FREE to watch & learn the journey of intuitive dog training to any of the Group Workshop Shows or the Group Social Runs with Chris.

We request you leave your dog at home for this FREE invitation.

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Join Us at The Summit 1770, Australia’s most dog-friendly campground and accommodation

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Address: Summit 1770, 2471 Round hill road, Agnes Water QLD 4677     Phone: 0490 315 172.    Email:


Don't just take our word for it – hear from those who've experienced transformation with their furry mates.

"Chris is definitely a dog whisperer, Timmi & I did a workshop with him for an hour & a half. His amazing with dogs!"

- Susie Jay

“While staying at Chris' park we had a private session with him as my dogs weren't tolerant of other dogs. He showed us 1 simple technique.  The following morning we joined the group session, my dogs were incredible.”

— Fergs Wander Oz


Ready to transform your relationship with your dog?

Join the Pack Mates family today

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